How to make 6 simple recipes for a taste of spring

Springtime is here, and to celebrate we've rounded up a handful of delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients that pair perfectly with a sunny spring day.

Nicole Keshishian Modic came up with her online food persona and blog Kalejunkie nearly five years ago as a hobby while on maternity leave and continues to share new, inventive recipes that go beyond green juice and smoothies to make healthy, seasonal eating a breeze.
The California-based blogger told "Good Morning America" that "nothing tastes better than springtime meals," because "farmers markets are bursting with fresh, seasonal produce -- it’s also my favorite time of year to spend in the kitchen experimenting [with] citrus, carrots, fresh kale, peas and more."
"This spring, I think we can all agree that it's so important to celebrate life," she continued. "One of the ways I love to do that is by sharing healthy recipes, all of which been created to bring joy and happiness into peoples’ lives and to make them feel good."

The soon-to-be cookbook author said she noticed a shift in her relationship with food when she redefined what healthy eating meant to her.
"I began to heal from a 15-year plus eating disorder that I successfully hid from everyone -- I was miserable, and my definition of 'healthy' was a diet consisting solely of plain salads, green juice, foods with few carbs," she said. "There is room for all foods -- and so my love affair with recipe development began."

Check out her namesake dish with a lemon tahini dressing you'll want to keep around all spring long, as well as a chickpea salad that is great as a side, on it's own or in a sandwich.
Nothing says spring like asparagus, and for Rosalynn Daniels -- the self-proclaimed hybrid of Martha Stewart and Oprah -- it's the perfect main ingredient for this simple savory recipe.
Daniels told "Good Morning America" that her asparagus pockets "are so darn good and really easy to make."