The Singer that Changed My Music Career Steve Perry

Back in the 80’s I was one of Billboard Magazines Top Radio Program Director in USA and was ranked in Top 5 Pop Program Directors in the USA. I was given a copy of Journey’s “Escape” album by the President of Columbia Records and in hopes that I would play a Rock Record on Pop Radio. While the Rock Record was good I came across a Gem that made me one of the best ears in the business music business “Open Arms’.

I was told off by the President and VP of Promotions for adding “Open Arms” and it went to number one in Two Weeks on my station’s playlist and rest of country started adding it and I am credited for being the one that made “Open Arms” famous at Pop Radio. Columbia Records gave me 7 Platinum Albums which also change the direction of the band to Pop in eyes of A & R at the Label. Steve Perry will always be one of my favorite male vocalist of all times.

Steve Perry’s interpretation of “Winter Wonderland” captures the song’s timelessness, while simultaneously putting his own personal spin on the track. Perry’s signature vocals are on full display, set against a smooth and steady tempo and warm harmonies.  Perry comments, “’Winter Wonderland’ is one of my favorite tracks on The Season. I have always felt a close love for Motown’s music and how it shaped my early school years. This track is a homage to that.”

The Season features exuberant, new interpretations of holiday classics that hold significant meaning for Perry, along with millions across the globe.  All eight tracks on the record come straight from the heart, transporting listeners to a familiar place of comfort and familiarity associated with loved ones and meaningful traditions shared during the holidays.